Curried Sausages

  • Special Dietary Notes

    Gluten free
  • Variations

    Curry Korma


8 sausages

1 onion chopped

1tbs zing oil

1 tbs divino caramelised balsamic vinegar

1-2 tbs rojak curry spice

2 tbs tomato sauce or 1 tbs tomato paste

1 tbs worsteshire sauce

1 cup of water

1 tbs corn flour

1/2 cup cream

4 cups of vegetables rough chopped  (eg potato, sweet potato, carrot, peas, beans)

2 boiled eggs

3/4 cup rice (boiled)


1. Fry sausages until brown on all sides, set aside

2. Gently cook chopped onion in zing oil until soft

3. Add balsamic vinegar, rojak curry, tomato and worcestershire sauce; cook until reduced.

4. In a cup, mix corn flour with a little water to mix, stir in remaining water.

5. Add cream, and the flour and water mix to pot and stir though.

6. Chop sausages into bit size pieces and add back to pot.

7. Add chopped vegetables and turn pot down to simmer until vegetables are soft.

8. Serve with rice, garnish with eggs

*Can be slow cooked*

 After step 6 transfer to slow cooker and cook for 4 hours.

Add vegetables after 2 hours.

Serve and Enjoy!

Submitted by: Katie Coulton