Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

When you place an order with Flavourista Pty Ltd, your personal details will be collected for the sole purpose of processing your order. These details may be used by Flavourista Pty Ltd or its service agents to communicate with you regarding matters pertaining to this order. In the process of satisfying your order we may use a range of service providers. This means that individuals and organisations outside Flavourista Pty Ltd may have access to personal information held by Flavourista Pty Ltd and may use it on behalf of Flavourista Pty Ltd. We require our service providers to adhere to strict privacy guidelines which require them not to keep this information or use it for any unauthorised purposes.

When you provide your personal information to Flavourista Pty Ltd, we ask you to choose to receive further information about new products, services and promotions. If you are receiving promotional material and/or communications from us and you decide you no longer with to receive them, you may remove your name from our contact list by contacting us via email ( Please allow 2 days for this request to be processed.